How can you help me with contextualized input ?

  • Find activities

    Chatbots can crawl automatically from other sources, and help you present users with relevant information that they have understood. Users can formulate queries using natural language and the robot will strive to fill enough context in order to respond accurately.

  • Build my options

    Responses can either be vague or precise, and ask for definite inputs in order to proceed. For instance, it is perfectly possible to have a user’s choice to define a variant of a product, and without restrincting the user to select the size before the color, or vice versa.

  • Buy products

    The whole process of buying can be embedded and the transaction can happen on Facebook, with security for the user, and possibly a payment options already configured.

Get known on Messenger

Messenger is where everything starts. People do not want to download an app from an unknown peer anymore and Messenger can help you break this barrier of usage.


Because a chatbot is profitable for your end users doesn’t mean it has to be a pain for you!

First of all, the price. While you are in the process of buying a web application, you have to weight all the costs to remain within your budget. The cost of a display-only website is already high, but having to develop an interactive one for your users easily triples the price.

A chatbot can help you stay competitive: burden the price of only one platform, and become instantly integrated within websites, android and iOS. Actually, with a chatbot, you only pay for what matters, the logic of your application.

But you can also make good use of other advantages: you are integrated on a Facebook page that can help you build of strong community around your service. At EMLDesign, we can obviously also help you with your communication package, if you ever need.

Last but not least, you have access to Facebook’s analytics, with detailed user’s views and interactions on your page and application to get incentives on how to empower your business even more.

People want easy to use products and services, and that is where a chatbot’s power truly expresses itself. What are the beautiful features of today’s app then?

Multi-language: No app can still live in a single language. We think of internalization from the first line of code, and use Facebook to help consider people’s language, sex, and other meaningful characteristics.

Smart: No one likes to crawl to page ten to find the good product. Or was it only on page ten on the first place?

Adaptive: You’re not the developer of the app in front of you and surely you expect different ways to reach the same flow. No problem, a chatbot adapts itself to you rather than forcing you to adapt to website content!

Use cases

What can a chatbot perform? When is it probably the best to have one? Review it here!

Some realizations…

We built an event responding chatbot for a large Facebook group. Not only does it help people find relevant events accross the whole Belgium, but it also helps the manager of the events make their business run: events can be sponsorised and sold then directly on the platform with a fee for the group.

The events can also directly be crawled from the members of the Facebook group to alleviate encoding from th administrators.

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